HIZAP Fence Extenders 50 Pack

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The HIZAP insulator/fence extender, hereafter referred to as the HIZAP insulator, is manufactured from durable, U.V. resistant plastic. The insulator integrates with the top of most metal T posts via longitudinal tines at its base. Four cleats, protruding horizontally from these tines are provided with slots for securing the HIZAP insulator, with wire or zip-ties, to a metal T post.

When a specially designed plastic shim is inserted between the HIZAP insulator's tines and its four screw holes are lined up with the slots provided by the cleats, the insulator can easily be screwed onto a wooden or plastic post.

The HIZAP insulator, having a distinctive arc-shaped design, deters animals from escaping from or entering a fenced enclosure by both, heightening and widening an existing fence by one foot and enhancing markedly the fence's visibility.

Three slot-like cavities are located at intervals along the concave edge of the HIZAP insulator's arc and tip. These cavities are designed for retaining electric conductors such as: electric fencing wire, cord and ribbon. These cavities can also retain non-electrically charged lengths of ribbon, string or flags for visual determent of such animals as: deer, elk and moose. Tie-tabs are located in close proximity to the cavities. These tie-tabs are used as wrap-arounds when using a short length of wire to prevent: wire, ribbon, string or cord seated in the cavity from dislodging.

ADAPTABLE FENCE EXTENSION ASSEMBLY (Patent Pending) also referred to as : the HIZAP Insulator Fence Extender, The HIZAP Fence Extender and the HIZAP Insulator.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.